Modern ways to consume Kratom

Modern Ways To Consume Kratom

If there is anything I would be grateful is trying something new and modern. This is being on par with the era we are in.  The same trend has taken the course in the consumption of Kratom capsules , powder or pills. People have just gone crafty and made discoveries on how to consume their herb. You cannot miss on this, simply get to the end of this and realize the modern ways to take down your Kratom.

Kratom with the juices

Something is as good as when you will try it out in a new way. Mixing Kratom with juices is one of the modern ways to take Kratom down. How people go around to land on the juice and Kratom concoction is so smooth. What you need is a super refined Kratom powder and a home blend juice or industrially made juice. To the glass of juice, add a small amount of super-refined Kratom probably one teaspoon.

Stir this effectively and let the concoction stay for some few minutes before consumption. However, it’s necessary to note that when making this mixture, let it be done with acidic fruits since they form a proper medium for alkaloids found in Kratom to dissolve. The acid juices like citric can also be able to ‘swallow’ the bitter taste of Kratom. This is the best modern way to take Kratom especially if you can just bear the bitterness of this herb.

But it’s important to realize that if you add more Kratom to your juice, the taste may be changed hence a bit unbearable. Let Kratom come in very minute portions for your safety and health.

Kratom tea

Making Kratom tea is as easy as acquiring the Kratom powder or leaves then simmering it in water for about 30 minutes. This will result in the formation of brown liquid that can be gulped down. But most important enough, to stirring the Kratom powder or leaves in a freezer for quite some time is very necessary before you use it in making the tea. This helps to extract the alkaloids of Kratom efficiently.

However, when you have made your Kratom tea, just remember it can be very bitter. In the modern era, people prefer adding honey, cinnamon or sugar to the Kratom tea to give it a superb taste.  You can also go that way and have your Kratom in your system.

Kratom alcohol brews

As much as researchers have said that Kratom alkaloids don’t dissolve in water but form suspensions, on the other hand, they have made a discovery that it dissolves in ethanol. Therefore, Kratom powder or tea can be added to the alcohol then boiled for a short period in a microwave or stove. It’s then mixed with some water and boiled. The liquid that’s yielded is what we call the Kratom alcohol, and it’s very strong. Give kratom alcohol a try and you will realize beautiful effects as the users so claim.

You can also get crafty about with your Kratom by using this method here and for real, you will enjoy your herb. Don’t be left behind when there is a change here. It’s good to move with the changes as they are also as good as rest. However, the herb is still the same, Kratom (red vein, white vein , green vein kratom).